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High Traffic

Our facility averages over 1,000,000 visitors per year.

Niche Demographic

Statistics prove that visitors to high profile arena’s like the HRM 4-Pad are the average age of 18-50, mostly parents of young families, and have higher than average household incomes.

Cost Efficient

Opportunities within our facility range between $1-$5 CPM (cost per thousand visitors), less than half the cost of traditional billboard, print, or radio advertising, but with the same reach.

Get Creative

  • Customize your ad campaign to maximize effectiveness
  • Digital advertising options available
  • Window decals, floor decals, and stair risers
  • Interactive Marketing opportunities to connect directly with our visitors and your future customers
Opportunity Rink A, B, or C Spectator Rink
Rink Board Decals $800 $1,000
Change Rooms (5 per rink) $500 $500
Score Board Signs $1,250 $1,500
Rink Banners $1,500 $2,000
In-Ice Logos Rink A, B, or C Spectator Rink
Centre Ice $2,500 $3,500
Neutral Zone $2,000 $2,500
Blue Lines $2,000 $2,500
Face Off Dots $1,000 $1,500
Extra *Production and HST costs are extra Pricing
Lobby Signs $2,000
Hall Signs $1000
Ice Resurfacer $5,000
Digitial Signs $150/month*
Pop-up Banners $125/month*
Window/Floor Decals Upon Request